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Reunion Island : world champion of deadly shark attacks 2017

The Florida Museum (a referred institution of the public authorities) released an official report on the 2017 shark attacks worldwide.



Map of the 2017 attacks:

- One death in Cuba

- One death in Costa Rica

- One death in Australia

- Two deaths in Reunion.

Warning: in this report, the evidence of the attacks are globally stated for the entire planet. Most of it do not apply on the island of Reunion.

The Florida Museum explains the increase of shark attacks mainly by an "increase of number of persons in the water".

It is quite the opposite here:

-       a ban is operative in Reunion for four and a half years

-       the ocean beaches are deserted

-       only a few hundred irreducible ones expose themselves to the risk compared to several thousand before 2011

This report shows a situation beyond understanding in Reunion: 2 of the 5 deadly attacks recorded this year took place on our tiny territory!

This is not an isolated "result" as it is in Cuba :

-       no attack since 2009 and no deadly attack since 1957 (source)

And in Costa Rica :

-       the last deadly attack occurred in 2011 (source)

The situation in Reunion is the result of a disastrous public policy led since 2011 to deal with the risk of shark attacks. The result of a seven years crisis is so dreadful that we predict an even bigger deterioration of our situation in the future.

The Reunion deadly attacks percentage (worldwide share) has increased:

15.3% in 2011 (2 deaths in Reunion for a total of 13 deaths worldwide)

20% in 2013 (2 deaths in Reunion for 10 deaths worldwide)

33% in 2015 (2 deaths in Reunion for 6 deaths worldwide)

40% in 2017 (2 deaths in Reunion for 5 deaths worldwide)

We want the authorities to be accountable to the Reunionese. Almost €10 million were spent uselessly as the ban does not work. Originally the shark patrols were "temporary" like the ban. It is a heavy and constraining plan with a derisory effect as it only concerns a minor percentage of practitioners.

The nets are doomed to failure without side dams and without the traditional fishing back in the water column (impossible with the Marine Reserve current regulation) !

We are worried about the numerous "announcement effects" that contribute to keep the public blind. Many people think that there are "safe areas for water activities" in Reunion. The prevention message in planes clearly mentions it whereas it is a lie.

We would also like the media to regularly review the announced projects:

Where are the nets promised almost 2 years ago for the Trois Bassins spot ?

March 2016 : https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/reunion/un-filet-anti-requin-pour-noel-trois-bassins-344279.html

May 2017 : http://www.linfo.re/la-reunion/societe/717578-spot-de-trois-bassins-des-filets-anti-requins-bientot-installes

 Only 9 sharks including one bull shark were caught the second half of 2017! For which cost? Where is the fishing promised for early 2018 gone? We are already in February!


What about the security of St Leu loudly announced in 2015 and in 2017? Where are the drones, the sonars and all the other gadgets?

 July 2015 : https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/reunion/2015/07/23/saint-leu-veut-securiser-son-spot-de-surf-contre-les-requins-272961.html

June 2017 : http://www.ipreunion.com/requins/reportage/2017/06/15/risque-requins-saint-leu-en-passe-d-etre-protegee,63757.html

Saint-Paul Mayor continues to display an unfortunately ridiculous "volition" since he refuses any evolution of the Marine Reserve. Reunionese would also like to hear the opinions of the Mayors of Trois Bassins, Saint Leu, l'Etang-Salé, Saint-Pierre and St Joseph about "their progress" in terms of security!

Why does no one say that no mayor wants to be trapped about an impossible security as long as the French State maintains a "shark park" on our seashore?

What is the point of spending hundreds of thousands of euros (how much exactly?) in the CRA since July 2016? What is the result of this "association" dedicated to shark risk and chaired by the Sub-Prefect of St Paul after almost two years of existence?

7 years is enough! It's time to open our eyes and set a real Marshall Plan because the shark crisis is not a fatality. Solutions exist, they are simple and economical but they only require political courage, as it is necessary "to bring the government to his knees" according to the highest elected officials themselves.

This Marshall Plan was edited in August 2017 and given straight after to the Prefect, local institutions and various Ministers. It was probably directly shelved without any statement from our high-ranking officials and leaders who are not bothered that we live an awakened nightmare on an island that has a heavenly ocean while there are in Paris.

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