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Requins à La Réunion

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Who benefits the shark crisis in Reunion ?



Today we denounce the umpteenth disinformation campaign in a petition form made in order to discredit the fishing program "Cap requins" (cape sharks) by reducing it to a "politico-financial scandal". We wish to remind that this program has been created for the public common good, this is why it was set up and supported by the authorities.
Since the beginning of the shark crisis in 2011, french (metropolitan) organisations are striving on our island for the only purpose of protecting tiger and bulldog sharks, man-eaters. Why, at no time, those so-called "environmental" entities haven’t been more concerned about the protection of innocuous species?

We are in front of a monumental social hypocrisy: metropolitan France is fishing and eating thousands of harmless sharks every day, as almost everywhere else in the world. In Reunion Island, nature fanatics accuses us for a « planetary ecocide » with a fish caught every 10 days on average (240 sharks caught since 2011), The proliferation of dangerous coastal sharks results in a "temporary" ban on access to the ocean, which has been in force since 26 July 2013. And to get out of this unbearable situation, there are no other choices to restore fishing pressure, which is essential to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

In this order, it is moreover these organizations that deserve to be subjected to stigma and to be dragged to the court, to answer about their actions which hinder the preventive public policy undertaken.
Worst of all, with the contempt that confer impunity, they use lies to wash their own responsibilities! That’s how they accuse the fishing program (and its "bait") of being responsible for shark attacks.
But in addition to being insignificant, fishing programs were not deployed at the scenes of the dramas. This is to show the constant lobbying made by those greenies.

Same thing, they gave a criticism about a "waste of public money", but it’s their constant pressure that forced the deployment of disproportionately expensive protocols.
Proof of their without equal bad faith: they stand against the traditional, sustainable and free fishing with much strength. But this does not prevent their local spokesperson from daring to position himself in the press as "a messiah" concerned to preserve the island from politico-financial scandals and shark attacks whereas he is supporting An eco-colonial logic which is leading to the only massacre in progress here: the loss of our children !
The current conspiracy against the previous team of the Committee of Fisheries illustrates their morbid strategy, which has the only purpose of demonizing any idea of shark fishing.

As proof, these anti-humanist associations have never proposed anything since 2011, except to offer ligatures to deal with devoured victims on beaches. So they sort of support the industrial fishing, which can quietly keep emptying the sea in the general indifference, because all the attention is focused on the fishing of a few harmful predators, which began too abundant. And double up these attacks against the reputation of Cap requins would be made to make diversion on an internal war aiming at monopolize the juicy toothfish quotas. (look here : http://www.requinsreunion.fr/index.php/articles/68-le-vrai-scandale-autour-de-cap-requins-une-guerre-de-la-legine)
At some time we shall be able to realize that a shameless mountain of accusations, justice will give birth to a mouse. But no matter, the harm will be done since the only things that will remember the opinion are the rumors of a "scandal."
Again the big losers of all this are the environment and the Réunion islanders: the Cap requins program has been stopped for several months, the dangerous coastal sharks keep on proliferate and to sedentarise in the seaside area, more as never protected by the Marine Reserve and the detrimental climate maintained by an eco-terrorist entity.

Reunion islanders must definitely stop being the guinea pigs of sordid experiments, the martyrs of unscrupulous extremists who try to capture our tragedy to make it one of the hypocritical symbols of the survival of the planet.

Our island has enough problems, it does not need a shark crisis!

Association Océan Prévention Réunion (OPR), Association Prévention Requin Réunion (PRR) Association Elio Canestri, Association Protégeons Nos Enfants (PNE), Association Vérité et Responsabilités sur les attaques de Requins (VRR) Association Sécurisation Prevention Ocean Tansalé (SPOT), Association Planète Bleue Saint-Benoît (PBSB), Association Sports Industries Réunion (ASIR), Collectif Citoyen Handicap, Collectif Humanisme Océan Indien (CHOI).